How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Utilizing Food to Naturally Increase Testosterone

With more and more stressors that are popping up every single day, it can be hard to maintain a proper level of testosterone. Low T is one of those things that can be a real pain in the butt.

Causing low energy levels, overall fatigue, muscle soreness, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, loss of muscle, weight gain, pot belly, depression, and the list goes on with symptoms that can range from bad to worse.

It is important to note, that if a male is diagnosed with low testosterone levels before the onset of puberty, this can cause an enormous problem with the development of the testicles, and can potentially cause infertility. So if you are looking for a way to boost testosterone levels at a young age, try to get them up to an adequate level before puberty to ensure proper development to avoid problems later on in life as an adult.

Though, as an adult, it can still be a tricky situation to overcome. Low testosterone cannot be cured, but some treatments can help to increase testosterone levels, whether they be through medication or naturally with supplements or certain foods that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.

Using Food To Boost Testosterone Levels

There’s an easy and natural way to increase testosterone levels, and that is through the use of food. Seems too good to be true, but it’s a bit easier than a lot of people make it sound.

Below, find a list of 20+ foods that will help you increase your testosterone levels, with a little bit of extra information on eating food so that you can get the most nutrient bang for your buck!


Shrimp offers a substantial amount of Vitamin D, which is directly correlated with low testosterone levels when there is an insufficient amount of Vitamin D in your diet.

You can get more Vitamin D from these foods: Salmon, Free-range Eggs, Mackerel, Sardines, Herring, and Cod-Liver Oil.

Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds offer a boost in Zinc, which is an important part of increasing testosterone. Along with increasing luteinizing hormone levels, this particular hormone plays a major role in keeping testosterone from converting to estrogen.​

You can get more Zinc in your diet with: Crab, Steak, Chicken, Pine Nuts, Cashews, Lentils, Wheat Germ, Oysters, Turkey, and Sesame Seeds.​


Make use of coconut oil in your daily diet to see an increase in testosterone levels. Switching from olive oil, vegetable oil, or even canola oil, to coconut oil will not only do your overall health a blessing but your testosterone levels as well with the saturated fat content, which is directly related to an increase in testosterone levels.

Find more healthy fat options in Full-Fat Dairy Products (Yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.), Butter, Dark Chocolate, Steak, Red Palm Oil, and Lamb.

Ricotta Cheese

This particular cheese is a great option for whey protein sources. Whey has been related to lowering cortisol levels, which in turn helps you ramp up your testosterone levels!

You can find whey protein in these foods as well: Kefir, Yogurt, Whey Protein Powders, and Milk.


Fruit are an excellent way to get a whole slew of vitamins and minerals into your diet that will help you increase testosterone levels naturally. These fruits carry Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin C to name some of the more important ones to note. Strawberries are a great snack to add into your healthy diet to boost your testosterone levels along with lowering cortisol levels naturally by just adding a few different foods to your daily diet.

You can find these essential vitamins and minerals in these fruits and vegetables as well: Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Kale, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Kiwi, Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Oranges.

Weat Bran

It’s been scientifically proven** that wheat bran is an excellent source of magnesium, which helps with testosterone production in the body.

Other foods with high levels of magnesium: Almonds, Whole Grains, Cocoa Powder, Sunflower Seeds, Oat Bran, Beans, and Peanut Butter (just try to avoid peanut butter that has hydrogenated oil).​


This sweet treat has been associated with boron, which is a mineral that is highly related to increased levels of testosterone.


This leafy green contains a particular hormone: indole-3-carbinol. This special agent helps with inhibiting estrogen, in return, making testosterone more potent in comparison.


Another great vegetable to add to the table. Asparagus has high levels of Vitamin E and Folic Acid, both essential for testosterone production and levels.


Try adding a clove to your daily intake to see an increase in testosterone. This particular food option will help to lower cortisol levels, making your testosterone levels being stronger. Trying eating it raw for the best results, but cooked will still do the trick. Dried and then turned into powder isn’t as viable an option, but give it a try, the little spicy kick it gives is a great addition to any dish.


Another great fruit option, bananas offer bromelain enzyme which helps boost testosterone levels, along with keeping you full longer because it digests slowly.


The perfect food for bodybuilder, lifters, and the everyday Joe. Eggs are packed with Vitamin D, Healthy Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, and Omega-3’s, which are all essential for testosterone production.


Specifically Red Ginseng, helps increase blood flow. So grab some green tea with ginseng and make yourself a cup to help with erectile dysfunction and other problems present with low testosterone levels.


This leafy green is packed with Vitamins C and E, and it is also proven to lower estrogen levels. Throw this in with some eggs, and it’s the perfect testosterone boosting meal.


Red grapes have been proven to increase testosterone levels in men.


Add a little bit of avocado to your healthy diet daily to see a boost in testosterone. With its healthy fat content, this is a perfect addition.


This fish is packed with Vitamin D, which is directly correlated with higher testosterone levels.

Brazil Nuts

A perfect snack, crunch on some Brazil nuts to increase your test standards. These nuts are filled with lots of vitamins and minerals: Iron, Potassium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc. These vitamins and minerals are essential for increasing testosterone levels along with blocking increased cortisol levels.


Switch out the occasional ground beef meal for some venison. This extremely lean cut of meat will help you build muscle. This is essential for increasing testosterone levels in men.


This juice has been linked to increased testosterone levels, lower blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic), and mood improvement in both men and women. So feel free to grab a bottle of Pom and drink a glass every day to see noticeable improvements in your daily life.


Those are just a few that will help you get your life back from the crushing effects of Low T. But do not fear; the symptoms can be monitored and altered with simple dieting tricks, food replacement, and a bit of research.

More Natural Options Than Just Food

Being diagnosed with low testosterone can be a life altering situation. But it can also explain a few things if you suspected it before the gavel fell in the doctor’s office.

One of the most important things for men to realize is the fact that you are not alone. There are quite a few options and different paths you can take to cope with low testosterone and even get back to a normal range.

On average, in the United States, there are 200,000 low testosterone cases per year. So you are not alone in this department, and there are many groups on social media platforms, and even in local hospitals that help men cope with this problem.

One of the first things the doctor will tell you is to lose weight. If you are overweight, chronically or just recently, shedding the pounds will do your body wonders with increasing testosterone levels, leveling out mood swings, improving sex drive, and helping with hot flashes.

Exercise will become your best friend in this situation. Try adding in strength training to your weekly routine. Instead of sticking to the treadmill like glue, try different equipment. Explore your local gym, hire a trainer, ask questions, approach that friendly guy at the gym.

​More often than not, you will learn a heck of a lot from gym rats, and they are almost always willing to help. So don’t be afraid to admit you need help, because doing so will help you build friendships, and you will more than likely find a gym buddy who will help you along your journey which has also had health problems including low testosterone!

Concerning Medications and Procedures

Now, there are a select few people that will have an incredibly difficult time losing the weight. Even when they hire a trainer, add in exercise daily, and improve their diet.This particular group of people will have to turn to a medical resolution to help them monitor their symptoms.

Now, this is not and should not be the first option. Losing the weight, improving your diet, and exercising should be your first and only option for increasing your testosterone levels. Helping your body to produce more testosterone on its own without the addition of medications or procedure will do your body a lot of good.

When your first option is to turn to medication you are not teaching your body how to produce more testosterone, it is the complete opposite. Your body become dependent on the drug, and your naturally produced test levels will go down.

Yes, for some medications or procedure will be their only option, but make a full-fledged attempt to help your body produce more testosterone on its own, so you don’t become dependent on any medicine. Doing this will help your body and wallet in the long run.

Doing Yourself a Solid

Knowing how to manage your low testosterone is the first step. Doing all of the research, finding the answers you’re seeking is all part of figuring out how to handle your new (or old) condition.

Figuring out how to incorporate more healthy food options into your diet will be the most difficult thing, but choosing these better options will help you tremendously.​

That old saying, “No time like the present,” holds true. Now that you have an enormous list of foods you can choose from, get to the supermarket and start improving your life every single day. Keeping fighting the good fight and get your life back.​

​Having Low T doesn’t have to define you, you can find ways around it, ways to make your life even better than it was before. With a simple diet, lifting and cardio routine, and a few science-backed tricks up your sleeve; you can conquer this condition.